Whole Insert Subscription – 10 P & G inserts – Top Notch Savings

$20.75 / month

Units Sold: 58


Your Monthly Subscription will begin with the June 2021 P & G Inserts.

Your Monthly Subscription will ship by Monday, May 24, via USPS Priority Mail with a tracking number or within 24 hours after you order your subscription.

You will receive 10 copies of only the P & G insert, each month

Your first AUTOBILL will be on Wednesday, June 16 or 23 for the July P&G and continue once a month, every month thereafter.

The renewal rate will be $18.75 per month.


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Posted onMarch 15, 2021 by Rochelle Solis

Is there a way to receive this again please contact me at rocchm@ymail.com